JobTribes Producer Publishes Letter Regarding Game Environment Maintenance
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JobTribes Producer Publishes Letter Regarding Game Environment Maintenance

JobTribes is a Play to Earn game on PlayMining. It has recently been having some problems and is down for maintenance.

The producer of the game, Higashi, apologizes for the trouble to users and other parties. They have also been getting concerns about the system and apologize for any issues from that as well.

JobTribes Among the Oldest Games on PlayMining

JobTribes was the first P2E game on PlayMining. So, it has had many updates since its release. P2E sees rapid changes in trends and user needs. So, the company has made many updates in a short period of time to meet user needs. However, due to these sudden and rapid additions, the company has “technical debt,” now which causes issues at times. To keep a stable operation in the future, the company plans to repair and optimize the overall system.

Improving the Current System Will Come First

They believe that there are still many issues that remain in the game. Furthermore, they are also getting a lot of requests from users. So, it has been difficult to add new things while also improving the current system. Therefore, the company is stopping new features and will focus on fixing the development environment first. After solving all the problems, the company will add new elements and continue making new functional updates.

NFT Quest Highest Priority for JobTribes

During this time, the NFT Quest will continue to be the main priority. So, content like lottery events will also continue to happen there. However, it will take many months to fix the development environment. Therefore, the company will stop its plans to add new functions to Labyrinth Quest. Instead, they will update the Quest to the extent that they can use them in the current state. The company will also review the matching and duration of PvP in response to user comments from the “ANOTHER BATTLE ARENA” event.

New Roadmap Coming for JobTribes

The platform’s roadmap will also be renewed after a careful review of its contents and changes. They will consider the time they need to rebuild the game. A new release date will come out as soon as the details are final. Moving forward, the company wants to meet the expectations of users and deliver a better P2E experience.

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