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The Red Village is Set to Launch MVP Championship With a $5000 Prize Pool

The Red Village has announced that it will be launching the MVP Championship on the 12th of April. This competition shares similarities with the No Holds Barred, and there are no rules and regulations guiding it. Unlike other contests, the stakes are higher and players are permitted to win by any means necessary.

The Red Village MVP (Multi-Vertical Payout) Championship will begin at 21:00 (ET) on the 12th of April. The qualifiers will run from the 12th to the 24th of April. The semi-final and preliminaries will continue from the 25th till the 26th. While the grand finals of this tournament will take place by 19:00 ET on Friday, the 28th of April.

This competition is open to all champions, and everyone has multiple chances of qualifying. In addition, up to 448 players will be opportune to make it to the Finals. The winners will share a $5,000 prize pool. Interested players should learn about the terms and conditions of this championship.

Details of The Red Village MVP Championship

Details of The Red Village MVP Championship

This is a paid conditional payout tournament where participants can compete in any conditional verticals four times. For better clarity, here are the different verticals:

  • Traditional: Top 2 paid out, First place: 75%, Second place: 22.5%
  • Double Ups: Top four places paid 24.375% each
  • Reverse Double Ups: Bottom four places paid 24.375% each
  • Alternative: 1st place: 50%, 2nd place: 25%, Placed: 11.25% each
  • Mid-Tier: 3rd and 4th place both receive 48.75%

As mentioned above, players can compete in each of these categories. However, they will be an automatic grouping once a player partakes in any of these contests 5 times. In simpler terms, users must compete at least 5 times to stand a chance at qualification. However, they can contest as many as 20 times to increase their chances of ranking high.

Meanwhile, there will be a leaderboard that will rank contestants according to the following criteria:

  • Total points based on scoreboards below
  • Highest for and against damage
  • Highest non-special attack during the 5 tournaments
  • Highest special attack during the 5 tournaments
  • Coin flip by TRV Team if still tied

These requirements affect every vertical except the Reverse Double-Up. Instead, that category replaces the Highest on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th criteria with the lowest.

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