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Faraland Announces New PvP Tournament: The Era of Legionnaire

Recently, Faraland announced its upcoming PvP tournament for the new season. “The Era of the Legionnaire” will take place from November 7, 2023, to November 14, 2023.

The popular blockchain game announced that its tournament includes rule adjustments that emphasize a strong stance against bug exploitation for personal gain.

They have implemented strict measures to address any form of bug exploitation that undermines gameplay integrity and creates an imbalanced environment for participants.

The message is clear to the players: if they encounter any individual exploiting bugs in the game, they are requested to submit a detailed report along with evidence such as videos or images.

The tournament also introduces another important requirement: players must join a guild before the competition begins.

Those players who do not comply with this rule will have their ELO score reset to 2000 as a consequence.

They will reset the ranking system at 4:00 AM UTC on November 7th, marking the tournament’s start. At the end of the competition, they will take a snapshot of the guild members’ list at 4:00 AM UTC on November 14th.

Players must commit to following a fair play policy in PvP mode before participating.

faraland pvp tournament

Faraland Aims for an ELO-Based and Fair Play Tournament

The tournament’s ranking system is based on players’ ELO, with a base score of 2000.They have established rules related to the score, including a daily deduction of 50 points for accounts with ELO below 2000, even if they haven’t played any matches.

They divide the competition into different segments based on the player’s position in the rankings after playing the first 20 matches.

The segments range from the top 1 to the top 300+, each having different rules and features, such as the presence of bots in certain situations.

The amount of ELO gained or lost per match will depend on the ELO difference between the two players. Accounts with 3 heroes can match other players, while accounts with 1 or 2 heroes will be automatically matched with bots based on their ELO level.

They clarified that they will consider defeated those who take no action after 5 turns regarding the maximum player inactivity time.

Of course Faraland is ready to reward its community, each category and final position will have its respective prizes. The tournament’s winner will receive $FARA 3500, 2000 Soul Stone, 15 random epic materials, and 60 random rare materials.

To enter the leaderboard and be eligible to receive the top 300 PvP rewards, players must have played at least 20 PvP matches in the current season.

It is important to note that we will count only matches that conclude before the designated end time, and we will not include any match that starts before the end time but lasts beyond that limit in the final results.

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