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The sandbox Announces Major Changes and Improvements

The Sandbox celebrated its first Global Creators Day in Hong Kong today, a pivotal moment in its evolution as a metaverse platform centered on creativity and collaboration. During this event, they announced a series of initiatives aimed at empowering creators and expanding its ecosystem.

One of the most prominent announcements was the opening of The Sandbox, which will allow LAND owners to publish their experiences on the map without the need for an initial application process.

This will significantly accelerate user-generated content creation on the platform, enabling a global community of creators to share their visions and projects more efficiently.

Additionally, The Sandbox unveiled a new version of its Game Maker, a no-code tool that enables users to create games and interactive experiences in the metaverse.

The update will include new gameplay mechanics, templates, and social interaction features, making content production easier and providing players with a more enriching experience.

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The Sandbox Announces a 100 Million SAND Fund

This fund aims to support creators and projects on the platform and is based on a DAO selection system that will reward content creation and interactions on the platform. The initiative seeks to promote engaging experiences and recognize the value of creators’ work.

The executive team of The Sandbox also took the opportunity to reaffirm its vision of providing a new form of entertainment that is more participatory, engaging, and rewarding for users and communities. It is undoubtedly a step further in the evolution of blockchain games.

The platform has already taken significant steps towards this vision with the launch of new cultural and geographical neighborhoods on its map in 2023, as well as the sale of over 125,000 parcels of land, representing 75% of its map.

The event marked a new beginning for The Sandbox, driving its vision of a decentralized metaverse where user creativity is the driving force.

With millions of registered wallets, a growing user base, and a constantly evolving platform, The Sandbox is uniquely positioned to lead the next era of entertainment in the digital world.

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