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Mines of Dalarnia Releases Update 1.1: Deeper Depths

A blockchain action-adventure platform-mining game platform, Mines of Dalarnia, has released a comprehensive detail of its Mines of Dalarnia Update 1.1: Deeper Depths. 

The new update covers new levels, new equipment, new resources, a dedicated equipment marketplace, and rebalanced and improved systems. The goal is to offer users a better gaming experience and more opportunities to earn. 

Highlights of New Resources Updates

Mines of Dalarnia game introduced three new resources – Gold, Aquarite, and Ragnarite. Users can access these resources through Dex. Although these resources are high-tier, they drop faster than Ozy. That means Ozy may maintain its position as the most costly resource on the platform.

Highlights of New Equipment Tiers Updates

The platform announced that Gold, Aquarite, and Ragnarite now all have their unique equipment tiers. Blades are linearly upgraded, Gold Blade is directly upgraded from Ozymodium, and Rag and Aqua Blades are from Gold. 

mines of dalarnia

Highlights of Deeper Mines Updates

The Deeper Mines of Mines of Darlania has three new mines addition. These are the Gilded Mine, Crystal Caverns, and Storm Tunnels. The game platform revealed it used a new map generation algorithm to create these new levels, which increases their variety and reduces their predictability. According to the game platform, each plot only generates one of two PL15 mines when you upgrade them, and the mines are crafted with Jingle Crypt or Rock variants.

Other additions to the deeper mines include the Healing Helper-Bots and new Monsters. There are two new monster types added to the Deeper Mines and each has three variants based on specific Aspects. The two monsters are Burrowers and Stalks with each having specific features and characteristics.

Highlights of the Dalarnia Marketplace

Mines of Dalarnia has announced the addition of a new web-based marketplace for bidding, selling, and buying on all Mines of Dalarnia mining plots, equipment NFTs, and items launched. The marketplace will use the DEX as its transaction token for Resources. It will use the DAR token as the primary currency for trading Equipment on the market. The marketplace will support auction-based trading at launch, and the platform will initiate the auction with the first bid.

Highlights of Revised Equipment Upgrade System

The game platform announced that it upgraded all Picks and Armor through a new resource category, Dust, after the 1.1 Update. It also revealed changes in the crafting cost for all Ozymodium, Silver, Iron, and Copper Picks and Armor crafted after the 1.1 updates. All upgrades will go through the new Dust system.

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