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Axie Infinity Reveals Origin Education Challenge Winners

The popular play-to-earn gaming metaverse, Axie Infinity, has revealed the winners of the just concluded Origin Education Challenge. The game platform received over 800 submissions covering different genres, including educational video tutorials, web applications, detailed infographics, gameplay trailers, and translations.

Axie Infinity expresses its satisfaction with the depth and quality of submissions it received as they clearly show the immense effort that has been put into the work. The team has carefully and thoroughly reviewed the entry and came up with winning submissions from all entries.

Details of the Reviews and Prize Pool

After the Sky Mavis team reviewed the entries, they highlighted three categories that are crucial for their judgment. These are Education Value (33%), Quality (33%), and Originality (33%). Other concepts that were considered during the review are editing skills, aesthetics, creativity, media use, and energy, among others.

Based on these, the team came up with the list of the winners that would share the 1000 AXS prize pool allocated for the Origin Education Challenge. The prize pool would be shared based on the following:

  • Grand Prize Winner: 180 AXS and Axie Hoodie4
  • Runner-up Winners: 80 AXS and Axie Hoodie each
  • 50 Honorable Mentions: 10 AXS each

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Details of the Origin Education Challenge Winners

Grand Prize Winner: this position goes to Ryan who developed an exceptional video that highlights the history of the Axie Infinity game, the intricate mechanism of the game, and how to correctly onboard. He put all these together in a five-minute video clip.

Runner-up WinnersFour runner-up winners were selected from the submissions. Kiyowya, one of the runner-up winners created a stunning interactive approach to learning all about Origin using gamifying concepts to explain the game. Chuks is another winner in this category.

He created a detailed walk-through of the present and future developments of the game platformGugus is another runner-up winner who created an extensive overview of the new mechanism of Origin with the changes made from version 2 to Origin.

Azarian, another winner in this category, created a comprehensive guide from how to create an account and a walk-through of an adventure battle to showing the crafting process in Origin

The 50 honorable mentions are submissions that did some amazing jobs in attempting the challenge. All winners will be contacted by the Axie Infinity team for the presentation of their prizes.

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