Axie Infinity Classic is Back with New Features and Rewards
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Axie Infinity Classic is Back with New Features and Rewards

Axie Infinity, the popular blockchain-based game where players collect, breed, and battle cute creatures called axies, has announced the return of its classic version, also known as Axie Infinity V2. The classic version was the original game mode that launched in 2018 and attracted millions of players worldwide.

However, it was discontinued in June 2022, when the developers focused on the new version, Axie Infinity V3, which runs on the Ronin sidechain and features smoother gameplay, improved graphics, and lower fees.

Now, the classic version is back with a new name: Cursed Coliseum. According to the official blog post, Cursed Coliseum is more than a name change: it introduces new gameplay elements such as curses, which randomly affect one axie on each team and force players to replace two of its parts. This adds a new layer of strategy and challenge to the battles, as players have to adapt to different scenarios and combinations.

Axie Classic Doesn’t Return Alone

Additionally, the classic version also brings back the Axie Experience Points (AXP) system, which allows players to level up their axies and improve their stats through a process called Ascension. Players can earn AXP by winning battles in the classic mode, with a maximum of 2,400 AXP per axie per day. AXP is also a key component for the upcoming Parts Evolution update, which will enable players to change the appearance and abilities of their axies.

Axie Infinity Classic is Back with New Features and Rewards

Moreover, the classic version also features a new game mode called the Grand Tournament, where players can compete for the ultimate prize: a Mystic axie, which is a rare and valuable type of axie with unique traits. The Grand Tournament is open for registration until November 28, and the qualifiers will be based on the players’ performance in the Cursed Coliseum.

The classic version is available for download on PC, Mac, and Android devices. Players can also access it through the Axie Infinity website. The classic version is compatible with the Ronin wallet, which means players can use the same axies and tokens as in the V3 version. However, the classic version does not support SLP or AXS rewards, which are the main sources of income for many players, especially in developing countries.

The return of the classic version is a nostalgic and exciting event for many Axie Infinity fans, who can relive the memories and experience the thrill of the original game mode. It is also a testament to the game’s popularity and innovation, as it continues to evolve and offer new content and opportunities for its community.

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