Space Nation Online Launches Alpha 3.0: Continuum
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Space Nation Online Launches Alpha 3.0: Continuum

Space Nation Online, the innovative gaming platform, has announced the grand finale of its alpha tests with the unveiling of Alpha 3.0: Continuum. This latest update promises a gaming experience that’s out of this world, seamlessly weaving together the best of Alpha 1.0 and 2.0.

Alpha 3.0: Continuum introduces versatile battle modes supporting 20v20 and 5v5 battles. It also features a pioneering mining function, expanding the universe and offering an immersive cosmic journey. Players can now commandeer the first T3 Spaceship and a mining ship, upgrading their cosmic arsenal.

The EFES Spaceship is now playable for holders, adding an exciting dynamic to spacefaring adventures. Players can embark on a cosmic mining adventure, delving into the cosmic expanse, uncovering resources, and dominating the vastness of space.

Explore, Mine, and Battle in the Expanded Universe with the Latest Update

Space Nation Online Launches Alpha 3.0: Continuum

The launch of the T3 Spaceship and a dedicated mining ship in the Alpha 3.0 update has broadened the scope for exploration and combat. The EFES Spaceship introduces a dynamic element to the gameplay, enabling players to interact and explore in novel manners. These spaceships serve a purpose beyond mere transportation; they are pivotal to a player’s strategic planning and overall success in the game.

Alpha 3.0 expands the Space Nation Universe, immersing players in uncharted territories and an epic odyssey that transcends traditional gaming boundaries. The Voyager Ticket, an exclusive pass to Alpha 3.0: Continuum, is introduced. This isn’t just a ticket; it’s a boarding pass to an epic odyssey in the cosmos.

Players holding the Voyager Ticket can enter the Lumicore Fortuna Draw and stand a chance to win enticing rewards, including the OIK (Space Nation ecosystem token) airdrop, the coveted EFES NFT WL#3, and more.

Alpha 3.0: Continuum is set to redefine the gaming experience, offering players a chance to explore, discover, and redefine cosmic adventure in the expanded universe. The future of gaming is here with Alpha 3.0: Continuum, and it’s time to buckle up for an adventure like no other.

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