Monsta Infinite 1000 Fortune Crates Sale
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Monsta Infinite Sanctions 1000 Fortune Crates Sale

Not too long ago, Monsta Infinite had an NFT merchandising event to equip players with various accessories and weapons. However, there were complaints from users that they could not get digital assets for themselves during the sale. Following this feedback, the team sanctions another 1000 fortune crates for sale.

The game considers community members as its priority. This is why it is adjusting the FC amount to 100 units. Everyone needs to have something that they can build with. However, the team encourages players to prepare themselves properly for this event.

Details of the Monsta Infinite 1000 Fortune Crates Sale

The Monsta Infinite 1000 Fortune Crates Sale will take place on the 16th of November by 12:00 PM GMT+0. It will take place on the Monsta Tapwar Marketplace. This event will restart every 3 days. However, subsequent occasions may not have up to 1000 units available to buyers. While the announcement stated that players could acquire these assets with $BUSD, it did not state the exact amount. Meanwhile, previous NFTs went for 9.90 $BUSD per bundle. However, there were only 500 crates in that drop.

Fortune crates are an integral part of the Monsta Play2Earn ecosystem. They hold weapons and accessories that enable players to turn the tides of a battle. Holders of these items can summon support from the Ancestors and receive powerful equipment to increase the chances of winning a battle. In addition, users will need to tribute items to begin their P2E journey. They will get $STT rewards in return.

How to Buy Fortune Crates

Monsta Infinite Fortune Crates

Unlike prior editions, this sale involves 1000 NFTs instead of 500. However, interested persons must act fast if they intend to get a bundle for themselves. As mentioned, buyers will trade in $BUSD for these digital assets. Therefore, ensure you have this token in Metamask. Ensure to customize your wallet to the BSC network where transactions will occur.

If you have taken these measures, follow these steps:

  • Visit the Monsta Infinite marketplace and navigate to seasonal sales.
  • Read through the terms and conditions.
  • Authorize the sale and make payment within 15 minutes of doing so.
  • Copy the payment address and pay the equivalent in $BUSD to that account.
  • A Monsta will congratulate you on confirming the completion of the transaction.
  • View your fortune crate to access your newly acquired accessories.

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