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Aurory Presents October Update Report for “Seekers of Tokane”

The October 2023 Aurory state report provides us with a detailed view of the progress and achievements made by Aurory in the past month in the development of their project “Seekers of Tokane.”

Despite the challenging conditions that the blockchain gaming market faces year after year, the Aurory team continues to work diligently on their project.

One of the most notable developments in this report is that it could be the last written report of its kind.

The Aurory team is exploring new ways to present their updates, and they plan to do so through short videos that will focus on providing previews and gameplay demonstrations.

This transition reflects their desire to provide the community with a more interactive and visual experience.

The report highlights the achievements of the various departments at Aurory:

aurory report

Key Points from the Aurory Report

Firstly, the design team has been working to enhance the user experience in “Seekers of Tokane.” This includes creating a smoother onboarding process and optimizing game balance. They also re-examined the in-game economy and have planned changes to the rewards.

The art team has been busy polishing the game’s biomes and converting Neftie chromas into 3D models. They are also working on introducing a new merchant NPC to add depth to the world of Tokane. Game animations, particularly in Blitz battles, have been a priority.

In the technology section, they focused on integrating new features for “Seekers of Tokane.” This includes web3-related aspects like the Amplifier, avatar customization, and more. They also prioritized game stability and security, introducing new security measures.

Lastly, the Aurory marketing team is gearing up for a big year-end with numerous announcements and planned releases. They collaborated with other companies and communities and participated in events like Breakpoint. They are also keeping an eye on building future partnerships and exciting events.

Aurory is committed to the continuous improvement and growth of “Seekers of Tokane.” The transition to video reports reflects their desire to keep the community engaged and excited about the project. They remain focused on their vision and delivering an exceptional gaming experience to their community.

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