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DeFi Kingdoms Reveals Important Changes to Crafting and Existing Combat Potions


  • DeFi Kingdoms announces updates to combat potions to improve accessibility and balance the game.
  • Manufacturing costs for potions are drastically reduced, making it more economical and faster to obtain essential potions.
  • Existing potions are transformed into “Potion Boxes,” facilitating the transition to the new game mechanic and ensuring that players are not at a disadvantage.

The popular DeFi Kingdoms platform has announced updates related to combat potions, designed to improve accessibility and balance the game for all adventurers. These new modifications affect both manufacturing costs and existing potions, offering a more dynamic and fair gaming experience.

One of the main innovations focuses on the manufacturing costs of combat potions. Now, the amount of “Tears of Gaia” required to craft each potion has been drastically reduced, becoming one-fifth of the previous amount. This reduction varies depending on the type of potion, meaning that it will now be more economical and faster to craft essential combat potions.

Additionally, with the decrease in the cost of combat potions, the requirements of “Minor Upgrade Stones” recipes in the Stone Carver now demand three times the amount of any combat potion that was previously needed. This measure aims to maintain a proper balance and ensure that the game economy remains in tune with player expectations.

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DeFi Kingdoms Takes Necessary Precautions Not to Leave Some Players at a Disadvantage and Not to Break the Game Economy

Regarding existing combat potions, a significant change has been implemented. All previously crafted potions have been transformed into “Potion Boxes.” Which equate to four times the number of the respective potion when opened. These boxes facilitate the migration of potions from the old contract to the new one. Ensuring that players who have crafted potions are not disadvantaged by this update.

To convert the old Potion Boxes into the new potions. Players can access their inventory and select the “Open Boxes” option. This will open all potion boxes and return the new potions equivalent to their original content. Sllowing for a smooth transition to the new game mechanic.

It is important to note that all contracts that interact with potions will use the new version of them, not the potion boxes. This includes the Alchemist, the Stone Carver, and the Item Vendor, who will manufacture, consume, and sell the new potions. Additionally, the future “Bring Your Own Potion” functionality for combat will require the use of the new potions.

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