Mist Metaverse Pre-Alpha Second Phase
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Mist Metaverse Announces Pre-Alpha Second Phase for October 30th

Mist metaverse has announced that the date of its pre-alpha second phase is Wednesday the 30th of November 2022. A sequel to the first version, this edition will feature updates to ensure a better playing experience for participants. The team worked with feedback from community members to effect changes to this version. Besides the modification, there were also new additions to the course of gameplay.

Below are the changes that will take effect when phase 2 drops on the 30th of November 2022:

  • Unlike the first phase, there will be testnet token rewards for players.
  • The new version will now have a desktop wallet and messaging application.
  • There will be new quests to ensure that gameplay is more immersive than before.
  • New mounts and accessories are also coming to the game.
  • Players will also enjoy a new character controller in this pre-alpha.
  • Limited spells will be available to users. However, this will be updated periodically.
  • An updated environment will be dropping with the second stage to enable players to explore Mist Metaverse.
  • Unlike the first stage, phase 2 will be available for MacBook device users. The team revealed that all test and developments for macOS are already done.

How to Join the Mist Metaverse Pre-Alpha Second Phase

Mist Metaverse Pre-Alpha Second Phase Player Guide

While announcing the Mist metaverse pre-alpha second phase, the team did not issue a guide. As such, it is believed that the previous guide remains valid. For those who are new to the gameplay, below are the steps to join this exercise:

  • All players interested in the second phase of the pre-alpha must hold at least 100,000 $MIST token or NFTs in tiers 3 to 5. They can purchase these digital items from the Mist marketplace.
  • Although the game will not get stuck, players can always use the /unstuck command if there are any glitches.
  • Anyone who did not participate in the first stage should visit this link and download the VIP file. Unzip the file and install it on your computer.
  • Launch the app and login by connecting your wallet. Ensure that your wallet is connected to the BSC network before doing so. This will enable to receive testnet token rewards.
  • Choose a server before logging in to your account. Select the server closest to your current location.

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