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Gensokishi Metaverse Announces LAND Ver2.0 Update


  • Gensokishi ONLINE has updated its LAND platform to version 2.0. Allowing layout data created with GENSO Maker to be published via LAND Viewer.
  • Users can now publish their LAND layout data, enhancing the user experience with interactive and visually rich virtual spaces.
  • The update includes a “Publishing Settings” option and future plans for entry fees and user-generated content (UGC) placement.

GENSO ONLINE has announced a significant update to its LAND platform, bringing it to version 2.0. This update introduces the ability to publish layout data created with GENSO Maker through the LAND Viewer, adding new value and functionality for users.

The new update allows users to optionally publish layout data for LAND. which they have created in GENSO Maker, via the LAND Viewer. This feature enhances the user experience by providing an interactive and visually rich way to showcase their virtual spaces.

Users can participate in creating their metaverse spaces through the “Create LAND” feature. Additionally, the LAND Viewer allows users to visit and explore LAND created by others, promoting a community-driven exploration and interaction within the Metaverse.

Gensokishi Maker’s LAND placement feature offers users the freedom to place objects within their virtual spaces, with future plans to introduce entry fees for LAND and the placement of user-generated content (UGC) objects. Even users who do not own LAND can try out these features, though with certain limitations.

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Gensokishi: Introducing the New LAND Viewer and Publishing Capabilities

The Ver2.0 update includes the addition of a “Publishing Settings” option in the main menu of LAND Housing. By selecting one of the saved data files and enabling the “Publish” option. Users can make their LAND accessible via LAND Viewer. This update, however, comes with some important notes. Users will not be able to encounter others in real-time within the published LAND. SAMPLE LAND cannot be published, and if LAND NFTs are bought, sold, or transferred while published, the published state remains intact.

Currently, all LAND, regardless of type. Will adhere to the specifications of “LAND1×1” in terms of object number, texture capacity, and polygon count. For those owning “ESTATE2×2” or “ESTATE3×3,” these specifications will be expanded in the future.

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