GensoKishi to Launch Big Updates Tomorrow!
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GensoKishi to Launch Big Updates Tomorrow!


  • Scheduled maintenance on June 6 for GensoKishi.
  • Public trial of PvP mode in Hikone LAND.
  • Increase of character level cap from 30 to 40.

On June 6, GensoKishi will undergo scheduled maintenance from 5:00 to 9:00 (UTC).

During this period, the game will be offline, and players’ understanding and cooperation are appreciated.

One of the highlights of this maintenance is the introduction of PvP mode for public trials in Hikone LAND, accessible from the Elrond Mall.

This implementation serves as a preliminary step towards enabling PvP mode across the entire territory of GENSO LAND in the future.

The goal of this trial is to identify the necessary specifications and plans for a full release of the PvP mode.

Players are invited to provide their feedback and suggestions through a feedback form to help improve this new feature in the blockchain games.

The rules and adjustments of the PvP mode in Hikone LAND include a significant reduction in physical damage, a shorter duration of status effects such as sleep and paralysis, and full restoration of HP and MP upon entering the map.

Additionally, for the first minute after entering the map, players will be under a “Safety Veil” that protects them from attacks and allows for team formation.

Another significant change is the increase of the character level cap from 30 to 40.

Players will be able to continue developing their characters beyond level 30, although skill levels will remain capped at level 30.

Furthermore, players who have already reached level 30 and accumulated additional experience will see this experience applied to the new maximum level.

An NPC that allows players to remove sets of cosplay equipment in bulk will also be introduced.

This NPC will be located near warehouse NPCs at each base and will offer various options to remove equipment and fashion items.

To facilitate this process, players are advised to prepare enough empty slots in their inventory.

GensoKishi to Launch Big Updates Tomorrow!

Additional Updates and Adjustments in GensoKishi

Several additional improvements and bug fixes will also be implemented during this maintenance.

Characters will now display lip-sync animations when using chat, and the shop signboards behind some shop NPCs will be renewed.

Additionally, descriptions of various Mithril and Universal Fiber items will be modified, and the Poyon distributing Skill Tree Reset Gems, available since May 23, 2024, will be removed.

Adjustments to the appearance and disappearance expressions of objects and characters based on distance will be made to help manage the load on the terminal operating the game.

This may affect the visibility of certain objects created in the User-Generated Content (UGC) Generator. Players experiencing issues are advised to contact support through the official website’s inquiry form.

Furthermore, the scroll speed on screens displaying skill window descriptions will be increased, and the names of certain NFTs will be corrected to align with the game names.

Various bugs will also be fixed, including issues with skill effect display, collision detection, and interface issues in traditional Chinese.

This maintenance and the associated improvements reflect GensoKishi continued commitment to providing an optimized and more exciting gaming experience for all players.

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