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Get your hands on the new Fist of the North Star Avatars in The Sandbox Game

Fans of the popular Japanese manga Fist of the North Star have a lot to celebrate. Discover the ultimate collection of 2000 unique avatars inspired by the manga itself in the sandbox.

Fist of the North Star Avatar Collection has 2000 spots available and the event will start on Apr 5, 2023, and ends on Apr 11, 2023, at 12:00 AM. Minting will start on Apr 11, 2023

These avatars are all variations of the main characters of the series and include NFT drops too. These NFT drops will feature unforgettable scenes from the show and that makes them even more exclusive. The Sandbox Game just got a whole lot better with this collection.

Unleash Your Fury in The Sandbox Game

Become a martial artist and save the post-apocalyptic metaverse in The Sandbox Game. So, all you need to do is equip your avatar with weapons and gear. Experience a clip from the “Fist of the North Star” episode and let your fury run wild.

Inherit The Legacy

Each avatar is unique and comes with random traits. These can be from characters such as Kenshiro, Nanto General Shin, Rei, Jagi, and the Wasteland Bandit. So, follow in Kenshiro’s footsteps and get your own martial artist avatar right now.

Entering the sandbox game

Survive With the Fist of The North Star in The Sandbox Game

Check out the available avatars and start your journey in the metaverse. The Fist of the North Star Collection King is the first entry of the manga in The Sandbox Game. So, you will see avatars and NFT drops from the iconic episodes of the King arc.

Iconic Characters

The new avatars also include something amazing and a lucky few can own them. We are talking about owning a 1/1 avatar of six legendary characters from the manga. Kenshiro, Nanto General Shin, Rei, Jagi, and the Wasteland Bandit, all have unique and original avatars. Don’t miss out on the chance to add at least one of these to your collection.

Play and Earn on The Sandbox Game

Use your avatar to participate in events, play games, and earn SAND along the way. The Sandbox Game will take the entire manga experience to the next level for the fans. Of course, this is only a small part of what you can expect in this metaverse. So, more exciting surprises are also likely in this metaverse as new deals come to life.

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