Wild Forest Brings Real-Time Strategy to Ronin Blockchain
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Wild Forest Brings Real-Time Strategy to Ronin Blockchain

Ronin has joined developer Zillion Whales to launch Wild Forest, the first-ever real-time strategy (RTS) title on the platform. Players engage in quick PvP matches with deck building and resource management.

Currently, in alpha testing, Wild Forest offers a fun RTS experience for mobile. The full launch aims to enable NFT trading and other blockchain features.

Destroy the Enemy Castle

Wild Forest matches take place on a single-screen battlefield. Each player starts with a castle that they must defend while trying to destroy their enemy. Matches are fast and players spawn units, get resources, and attack their enemies.

Free to Play with Rewards on Ronin

The game will be free to play with options to earn rewards. Players can climb leaderboards and get prizes, too. In the future, assets like rare NFTs and tokens can also be traded on open markets.

Free to Play with Rewards on Ronin

Building a Deck Before Battle

Participants make a deck of unit cards before each match. Each unit has unique strengths like melee fighters, ranged archers, air power, artillery, etc. Players unlock more options with experience and time.

Claiming Territories for Control

When a battle starts, neutral territories are open for capture except for each player’s base. Claiming areas allows them to build towers, mines, and barracks. Mines give resources for upgrades and units.

Importance of Buildings

Towers can attack enemies in range, mines give energy, and barracks spawn all new units onto the arena. So, balancing these items when you attack is the key to victory.

Veteran Studio Zillion Whales

Winning Fast-Paced Battles

Matches unfold rapidly and need quick actions. Early barracks can allow unit production to take areas and build defenses. Also, outer towers plus inner resources offer a balanced start to the game, and all this happens in real-time.

Gain Early Access

Currently, only some Axie holders and creators have alpha access. But players can follow Wild Forest on Twitter and join their Discord server to get in. So, the platform will use forms for invites as more testing opens.

Veteran Studio Zillion Whales

In conclusion, Zillion Whales is a major mobile game developer with many big titles like Mushroom Wars 2. They aim to bring immersive RTS to blockchain while ensuring fair play between paying and non-paying users. Also, according to the CEO, having them join hands with the platform will shape the future of Web3 gaming.

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