JobTribes Announces the Step Up Campaign for August 30th
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JobTribes Announces the Step Up Campaign for August 30th

JobTribes, a play-to-earn game has announced that it will be launching the Step Up Campaign on the 30th of August. This exercise will be a commemoration of the Tea Party of Nightmares event. Those who participate in this contest will be opportune to challenge for Premium Recruitment. Furthermore, individuals will also receive significant rewards for their participation.

As mentioned above, the Step Up campaign will begin on the 30th of August. Before the event goes live, the game will undergo a maintenance procedure. This exercise will continue till 10:59 (UTC+8) on the 13th of September. Within this period, interested contestants will vie for DEAPcoin and other digital assets.

Meanwhile, the number of usable in-game assets people will receive depends on the amount of Premium Gushin Tickets that they purchase during the campaign timeline. More so, people should ensure they buy these tickets using the native utility token. The reason is that only the NFTs they purchase using DEAPcoin will make players eligible for the benefits.

Details of the JobTribes Step-up Campaign

Details of the JobTribes Step up Campaign

There are six different steps in this campaign. People will unlock higher tiers as they obtain more tokens.

Below is a breakdown of the different steps and the amount of DEAP users have to purchase:

  • Step 1: Purchase 30,000 DEAPcoin to earn 10 pieces of Elixir, 3 pieces of Tall Elixir, and 1 piece of Grande Elixir.
  • Step 2: Purchase 60,000 DEAPcoin to get Epic Limit Breakthrough Items, 3 random attributes, Gem Recruitment Materials, and 2000 Each attribute.
  • Step 3: Purchase 300,000 DEAPcoin to obtain Legendary Limit Breakthrough items and 1 Random attribute.
  • Step 4: Buy 600,000 DEAPcoin to get Legendary Limit Breakthrough items and 3 Random attributes.
  • Step 5: Buy 1,000,000 DEAPcoin to receive Legendary Limit Breakthrough items and 1 Each attribute.
  • Step 6: Buy 1,500,000 DEAPcoin to receive Legendary Limit Breakthrough items and 2 Each attribute.

Note: Anyone who purchases 300,000 DEAPcoin worth of Premium Gushin Tickets will get all the items in steps 1, 2, and 3. They can still go on to obtain the rewards in levels 4, 5, and 6 if they meet the required criteria.

JobTribes will be distributing the rewards of the Step Up Campaign from the 27th of September.

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