Benji Bananas Launches Swing and Earn Season 3
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Benji Bananas Launches Swing and Earn Season 3

Benji Bananas, a play-to-earn monkey-themed game developed by Animoca Brands, is launching the Swing and Earn Season 3. Unlike prior editions, this series promises more interesting gameplay and fun surprises for participants. This is because the team will be introducing new features and updates this season.

Details of the Benji Bananas Swing and Earn Season 3

The Swing and Earn contest will begin by 11:00 AM UTC on the 28th of August. This competition will continue till 11:00 AM UTC on the 11th of September. Within this period, players will engage in scintillating gameplay and earn various rewards. What is even more impressive is that the team is introducing proportional rewards.

Instead of Benji Bananas setting a fixed prize pool, contestants will dictate the size of incentives that they get by joining the event. The more the number of people participating in this season, the bigger the rewards. Considering this advantage, the team is encouraging people to join this contest and invite their friends.

Details of the Benji Bananas Swing and Earn Season 3

In addition to the proportional reward system, Benji Bananas is introducing a Referral Scheme to Swing and Earn Season 3. Players who invite other people to join the game will receive mouthwatering incentives. For every referral they make, they will increase the overall prize pool and also get rewards.

For example, those with the highest number of referrals will receive 3 Anichess Orb NFTs. Furthermore, these individuals will also receive the new BENJI token. Meanwhile, these benefits are different from the tournament rewards. Everyone can still get the referral incentives and the tournament rewards.

How to Join this Competition

How to Join this Competition

For anyone to be eligible for any of the rewards mentioned above, they have to formally declare their interest in the contest. Below are the steps detailing the registration procedure:

  • Visit the Benji Bananas website and sign in to your account. You can also create a new account if you do not have an existing one.
  • Connect your wallet and swap your token to $APE.
  • Obtain a Benji Pass Tournament.
  • Join the Benji Official Discord Server. This is essential for new users.

After completing these steps above, you can refer other people to join the contest. There will be another update to launch the official Referral Scheme. This will be done in a separate update. Furthermore, the team will share the metrics for ranking players.

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