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Benji Bananas Announces PRIMATE Reward Campaign

Benji Bananas has announced that it will be giving out PRIMATE as part of its first season reward campaign. This event will feature the issuance of 18,000,000 tokens to eligible users. In addition, the prizes to be distributed during this period will employ a play-and-earn mechanism. Whereby players will receive compensation according to their in-game performance. Although the membership pass is important, owning more than one does not guarantee multiple earnings.

The first pool will be distributed to eligible players via an airdrop. Benji Bananas will be issuing further details of the process. However, it did state that users will get at least 3,600 PRIMATE. This is because there are only 5,000 NFT owners that are eligible for this reward. Should there be only 2,000 owners of this pass, each individual will earn 9,000 tokens instead.

Eligibility for Participating in the PRIMATE Reward Campaign

There are certain requirements that players need to meet in order to benefit from the PRIMATE reward campaign. They include the following

  • Users must own at least 1 Benji Bananas Membership Pass NFT when the snapshot occurs at 23:59 PM EST on the 26th of May 2022. Users can purchase this digital asset on OpenSeaLooksRareRarible and Coinbase.
  • After purchasing the Membership Pass, proceed to connect your Apple ID or Google Play Account to your wallet. You will have to do this via the Benji Bananas official website.
  • Proceed to complete the Blockpass KYC verification process.

How to Link Your Apple ID or Google Play Account to Your Wallet

Connect Benji Bananas Wallet

To be eligible to receive your rewards, users must link their Apple ID or Google Play Account to their wallet that holds the member Pass. Follow these steps to complete the process:

  • Visit the Benji Bananas Website.
  • Click on the “Connect Wallet” to connect your Benji Bananas account. Ensure that this is the wallet that holds your membership pass.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID or Google Play Account to your wallet on the website. Ensure that your Google or Apple ID is the same as the one connected to the Benji Bananas game.

After completing linking your account to your wallet to your account, ensure to complete the know your customer. This is necessary to prevent identity theft, money laundering and other financial crimes. It will also be crucial towards ensuring a level playing ground for the play-and-earn game. As no one will be able to use bots to manipulate any aspect of gameplay.

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