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Decentraland Set to Host the First NFT Film Festival – Cannes 2022

Decentraland, the first decentralized metaverse, is set to host the first NFT Film Festival in its metaverse. The event is organized by RLTY in partnership with Wagas Group and the live event will be streamed on the Decentraland metaverse for participants that may not be able to make it to Cannes.

The first NFT Film Festival is a 1-day event featuring a rich schedule of networking and speakers. The event combines an all-around metaverse and high-level offline networking experience. It will be available on Decentraland from May 20 from 7:00 am CET to 7:00 pm CET.

What are the Goals of the First NFT Film Festival?

The First NFT Movie Festival hopes to bring film investors and NFT communities from across the globe together in the same place in Cannes. The event will provide a platform where everyone can exchange ideas and explore what the future holds for generational entertainment shifts.

It will also provide the platform where attendees can make valuable connections and project owners can raise funds. The one-day event will be loaded with different activities, including speeches, NFT auctions, networking, and workshops.

The event will also bring together a choice selection of movie lovers and celebrities that are interested in the opportunities that abound in Web 3.0. Additionally, the event will feature several collaborations and information-sharing sessions among experts in DeFi and the Metaverse, and the Blockchain and gaming.

Participants can also get the official event merchandising. Interested participants in the event must have MANA and authorize the designated Store contract to operate MANA on their behalf. This is required to purchase the event merchandising. More details can be found on the RLTY official website.


More Information about RLTY and Decentraland

RLTY is a group of Metaverse early adopters looking to contribute to the growing ecosystem by providing the best infrastructure for different virtual events. The platform leverages the most advanced technologies to reimage the boundaries of digital works. RLTY is committed to enhancing the experience and accessibility across different Metaverse platforms.

The team partners with different event organizers across industries, including Arts, Music, Fashion, Conference, and Corporate to onboard a diverse and wide range of audiences to their virtual experiences.

Decentraland is the first decentralized metaverse that offers users an opportunity to own virtual LANDs and experience exceptional structures and scenes in the virtual world. Users can explore medieval dungeons and go on space adventures.

They can also create artworks, scenes, and more using the advanced tools available on the platform. Users can also participate in events and win prizes.

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