Ducky City Weekly Update #4
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Ducky City Issues the Weekly Update #4

Ducky City – a virtual world game on blockchain that uses the Play to Earn mechanism is issuing its weekly update #4. This release covers the period of the 2nd of May to the 5th of June 2022. Despite the state of the market, there are no impediments to the project development.

Milestones Highlighted in the Ducky City Weekly Update #4

Nonetheless, there are still some notable improvements going on underground. The team also emphasizes that developments will focus on upgrading the metaverse, more than the play to earn. While giving this announcement, it highlights notable milestones it was able to accomplish during that period. The Ducky City weekly update #4 points out different achievements. From in-game progress to partnerships.

In-Game Upgrades

  • The completion of web3 login on the 2nd of May 2022. Whereby users can now connect their Metamask wallet to the official website. Furthermore, the dev team will be incorporate more functions in the future.
  • Completion of the video chat on the 3rd of May 2022. Although this feature has been implemented since March 2022, it had not yet been well-polished. As such, the dev team decided to add the text chat option. With this addition, users can now send written messages to each other while on video or voice calls.
  • Incorporation of the Farm Map on the 4th of May 2022. Following this inclusion, users will now be able to grow trees, raise fish and perform other activities on their farmlands. There will also be a music map where users can go to a zone and chill with their friends. This is besides the Sea map where they can explore the landscape and have fun
  • Despite the improvements, it wasn’t till the 13th of May that the sketch of the Farm map was completed. By the 20th of May, it had added the selection feature. Whereby everyone can switch their experiences with ease. With the final completion coming on the 22nd of May 2022.
  • By the 24th of May, the pet system was completed. Thereby allowing everyone to choose their own pet.
  • By the 3rd of June, the Ducky City’s official landing page was released. It contains more details of the project.

Partnerships with Ninja Gemz

Ducky City Partnership With Ninja Gems

On the 31st of May 2022, Ducky City announced a strategic partnership with Ninja Gemz – a famous crypto news outlet. Following this partnership, the CEO of Ninja Gemz will become an advisor to Ducky City. It is also expected that the news outfit will also lead the game’s marketing efforts in the future.

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