Explore a Dazzling New Metaverse Frontier with Everdome
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Explore a Dazzling New Metaverse Frontier with Everdome

After a long and thrilling journey across the solar system, the new Everdome metaverse is set to touch down on Mars on September 28th! This huge event marks a key milestone as well as the start of an even bigger voyage.

Genesis NFT holders and landowners will take their first steps on the red planet, with the shared vision of a great digital future for humanity.

Returning Home to Mars

The event begins on the Everdome Cycler, where users board their Phoenix rocket cabins and detach from the space vessel. A plunge into the Mars atmosphere comes next, and they start the descent to the surface below.

As you reach the red planet, you’ll get to see an epic view of its rugged terrain and ancient craters. You’ll also get to see Olympus Mons, the largest volcano in the solar system, just over the horizon.

Stunning Vistas Await

Jezero Spaceport, where the Evernauts will arrive, will soon appear on the horizon. After a smooth landing and a warm welcome from the flight crew and Jianmu, the Tree of Life AI, you’ll get on the Mars Magnetic rail, and it will take you to Everdome City.

Lavatube Canyon is a natural wonder that shows the geological history of Mars. It’s a massive underground tunnel made by ancient lava flows, and it is hundreds of kilometers long.


Settling into a New Digital Home

Entering Everdome City, Jianmu gives an intro to your amazing off-planet home. Take time to wander Everdome HQ, mingle at Phobos bar, and revel in the moment with your fellow Evernauts. You are finally home in a new realm.

Everdome City is the heart and soul of the metaverse on Mars. It’s a huge community that offers many ways to explore, create, and be social. Also, you can change your avatar, build your dream home, join a guild, and even start a business.

What Comes Next?

This event is only on Windows but soon it will be on Mac as well, and it will start the next chapter. New products will also expand the engagement on this scene beyond web3.

So, the Mars landing is just the beginning of an epic journey that will take you to new heights of thrill and fun. Everdome is evolving and improving all the time to give you a better experience.

Join This Epic Adventure

Finally, as the journey continues, the platform is happy to have you along for the ride and shape a modern vision of the metaverse. Fasten your seatbelts and get ready to have fun as a dazzling new frontier awaits discovery. Mars landing imminent!

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