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Faraland Announces the ”Mastery Quest Skill Trees” Event

The blockchain community is gearing up for adventure with the announcement of the special event “Mastery Quest Skill Trees.” This event presents a unique opportunity to explore the seven new skill trees that have arrived in Faraland.

From 8:00 AM UTC on 20/11/2023 to 8:00 AM UTC on 30/11/2023, Faraland players have the chance to participate in this special event.

The focal point of the event is the introduction of seven skill trees, each with its unique techniques. This is the perfect moment to be the first to master these new skills.

Mastery Quest Skill Trees brings challenges designed to test and enhance players’ skills. The event allows Faraland players to showcase their excellence and skill development through specific activities.

Rules and Rewards Set by Faraland

On one hand, players can participate and complete 10 quizzes via Zealy. Questions will be released in two batches on November 20 and November 22, covering different aspects of the game.

Additionally, Zealy Quests divide into three difficulty levels: Basic, Advanced, and Mastery. Each level presents specific challenges related to the new skills. The difficulty increases as you progress, allowing you to improve and refine your skills in the game.

faraland event

Those who wish to participate in video challenges should provide accurate recordings that highlight specific task moments. Videos should be under 1 minute in duration and a maximum capacity of 100 MB. Displaying the in-game ID in the video is essential to ensure authenticity.

The event will award prizes in $FARA and in-game materials based on players’ positions. From Top 1 to Top 30, each position comes with various rewards to encourage competition among players.

Mastery Quest Skill Trees is not just an opportunity to unlock new skills but also to stand out among the best Faraland players and win great prizes.

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