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PlayMining Hosts Graffiti Race Post-Launch Campaign

PlayMining, the NFT-based game platform, has announced the Graffiti Race post-launch November Race and Reward Campaign starting today, November 4.

Interested participants can join the race and earn the DEP token. Graffiti Racer offers players three ways to earn – Ranking rewards in Races, Trading NFT Sheets, and Trading Films created from coloring.

How to Participate in the Graffiti Race and Reward Event

Graffiti Race has three race types, which are Tour Races, Regular Ranking Races, and Premium Ranking Races. Players earn DEP by participating in Regular Ranking Races and Premium Ranking Races. These are the two types of races included in the event.

Highlights of Regular Ranking Race

There are three categories of races available in this type for the event. The first is the Ranking Race DEP Cup, which started on November 3 and will run until November 8. Interested participants must have NFT with RARITY A, S, SS, and SSS.


The top 10,000 ranking winners will get DEP as a reward. The second is the Starter Ranking Race DEP Cup, which starts on November 15 and to November 20. You need NFT with Rarity A and S to participate.

Winners will also receive DEP tokens as rewards. The third is the Middle Ranking Race DEP Cup, which starts on November 27 and runs until December 1. Only NFT holders in Rarity S, SS, and SSS are qualified to participate. Winners will also receive DEP.

Highlights of Premium Ranking Race

Four categories of races are available in the Premium Ranking Race. The first is the Premium Cup G1, which runs from November 24 to 27. NFT holders in Rarity SS and SSS are eligible participants in this category.

The top 1,000 ranking winners will receive a generous amount of DEP as a reward. The second is the Premium Cup G2, which is open to NFT holders in Rarity S, SS, and SSS categories. This event starts on November 10 and ends on November 13.

The top 2,500 ranking winners will receive DEP rewards. The third and fourth race categories are Premium Cup G3 (1ST) and Premium Cup G3 (2nd) starting and ending on November 3 to 6 and November 17 to 20, respectively.

Only NFT holders with Rarity A, S, and SS are eligible to participate in both races. The game platform will reward the top 5,000 ranking winners in each race with DEP tokens.

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