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MOBLand Unveils Turf and Farm Sales Timeline

MOBLand has unveiled the timeline for the upcoming Turf and Farm sales. This press release covers the number of available digital plots, whitelists, mystery boxes and public sales. It also incorporates the process involved and how interested persons can get started. Investors can also learn about the prices and sizes of the different LAND up for grabs.

Details of the MOBLand Turf and Farm Sales Timeline

The MOBLand Turf and Farm Sales include 1,250 upgradable digital weed farms with 5 different rarity levels. It also features 150 parcels across five different turf sizes. The timeline begins on the 8th and 9th of December with a Raffles and Whitelist Token Distribution. Recall that a snapshot was taken on the 4th of December by 5:00 PM UTC. The qualified persons (users who staked between 10k and 50k SYNR) will participate in a raffle on the 8th of December. By December 9th, the winners will receive whitelist tokens via an airdrop.

Following the airdrop, there will be a whitelist sale for Turf and Farm from the 14th to the 17th of December. 1,250 digital assets with 5 different rarity levels will be available via the mystery box format. Each mystery box will feature a 28% discount and sell for 215 $BUSD or 110,000 $SEED. Those who pay with $BUSD will enjoy a 28% discount, while users who purchase mystery boxes using $SEED will enjoy up to 40% off.

MOBLand Turf and Farm Sales Timeline

Below is the amount in the first sale:

  • Common – 625
  • Uncommon – 300
  • Rare – 175
  • Epic – 100
  • Legendary – 50

MOBLand is dedicating 135 Turfs to whitelist participants. They will go for 420 $BUSD or 220,500 $SEED. This includes a 30% discount for buyers who use $BUSD and a 40% discount for those who make purchases with $BUSD.

They include the following:

  • Lakeside (4×4) – 75
  • Farmland (6×6) – 40
  • Residential (8×8) – 20

By the 19th of December, MOBLand will launch a public sale for the remaining mystery boxes. This will take place on the official sales app. Turfs will sell for 599 $BUSD or 295,000 $SEED. Farms will be available for 299 $BUSD or 147,500 $SEED. There are no discounts for participants who buy these NFTs with $BUSD, but those who pay with $SEED will get 20% off.

Turf Dutch land will be auctioned on the 20th of December. $BNB will be the token for bidding. MOBLand will announce the time before the event begins.

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