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Splinterlands Releases Gameplay Updates

The blockchain-backed trading card game, Splinterlands, has released updates on the new features users can expect to explore on the game platform.

The updates include the addition of new sets of reward cards, tech modernization, general updates, and more.

Highlights of the Reward Cards

Splinterlands mentioned it added a new set of 43 Chaos Legion reward cards to the game with varying features. The new cards are soulbound, which means users cannot transfer, rent, delegate, sell, or burn them until they go out of print.

The rarity chance for these reward cards per league differs from one to the other. The Chest tier categories are Bronze, Silver, Gold, Diamond, and Champions.

Meanwhile, the rarity levels are Legendary, Epic, Rare, Common, and Gold Foil. It is worth mentioning that the possibilities of getting a certain type of item in each loot chest tier will change slightly from this update. 


Highlights of New Updates

  • Legendary and Alchemy potions will be consumed when you open reward chests. This will boost the chance of obtaining an epic/legendary rarity card or a gold foil card.
  • The game has a new option to disable potions for reward chests on Settings. Using potions is enabled by default.
  • The game also added a filter to help users to sort their Soulbound Cards.
  • Splinterlands added three new abilities, which are Martyr, Conscript, and Weapon Training.

Highlights of Chaos Legion Airdrop #13: Astral Entity

Splinterlands mentioned it added the Astral Entity card to the game and is now available in packs. The card airdrop will trigger at 10:00 am UTC on February 1, 2023.

Highlights of Gameplay Updates

According to the new update, Opportunity can no longer attack via Fog of War, and Dispel now eliminates Bloodlust bonuses. Additionally, Splinterlands has updated the rule sets, and Equal Opportunity, Target Practice, and Super Sneak will not appear with Fog of War anymore.

Also, Bloodlust now offers +1 to speed in all matches and no longer gives -1 to speed for Reverse Speed matches.

Highlights of Tech Modernization

The game platform has moved Dark Energy Crystal management to the latest Tech Modernization interface. From this update, Dark Energy Batteries are available for sale through the designated interface. The platform also moved the SPS Pools and added Challenge notifications to the new Tech Modernization interface and pages.

General updates performed on the game platform cover the Team Creation screen, Items, the Land Deed market interface, and more.

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