MOBLand 2023 Roadmap Update: A New Era Dawns
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MOBLand 2023 Roadmap Update: A New Era Dawns

MOBLand has released an update on its 2023 roadmap tagged A New Era Dawns“. This is a comprehensive review of achievement, ongoing development, and future plans. While making the announcement, the team also stated that there will be a Community AMA on the 28th of June.

Some major highlights from the Mobland roadmap include the following:

  • Shadow Market Launch
  • Safehouse V1 and V2 Launch
  • Bud Brawl Mini Game Release
  • Closed Battle Royale Alpha
  • New Map Development.
  • Combat System Refinement
  • Chat and Tex integration

In 2022, the team made significant strides by launching GameFi 2.0. Besides being a multichain system, this .new scheme is also cost-efficient and beneficial to all stakeholders. MOBLand utilizes the Tesseract platform for the effective transfer of digital assets across different blockchains.

MOBLand 2023 Roadmap Update

MOBLand 2023 Roadmap Update

So far, MOBLand has been able to reach some of its goals in 2023. One of them is the launch of the Shadow Market. Players can now use this lending system to borrow Turfs, Digital Weed Farms, and other items. Kingpins can also utilize this feature as a strategy to expand their influence. They can undertake illicit deals and complete businesses to make more money.

In addition to the Shadow Market, MOBLand launched V1 and V2 of the Safehouse. The upgrades include integrating the multichain asset segregation system. This will enable players to see their NFTs according to the blockchains where they are held. Furthermore, users can get a detailed analysis of the in-game items available for gameplay and those that are staked.

Meanwhile, the MOBLand 2023 Roadmap update highlights the introduction of Genesis Blueprint Avatars to the Mafia Metaverse. These are the most advanced battle units, and their owners can easily stamp their influence. People can use them to explore the city, rent them out as mercenaries or stake them to earn $SEED.

Meanwhile, the development team has integrated these avatars into the game. Each character has Attack, Defense, Health, and Heal stats, all of which impact your gameplay. Your avatar’s health determines how much hit it can take. While the attack stats determine the damage bullets will inflict on the enemy. Therefore, players should make the appropriate choice before picking an in-game character.

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