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When will the Outer Ring MMORPG be Officially Launched?

Outer Ring is a battle and exploration MMORPG that allows players to create their own experiences. Users can either choose to play on their own or interact with others. Gameplay is inspired by fictional stories from the Outer Ring Saga novel. Developers combine concepts from that book with ideas from other gaming options, blockchain technology and NFTs to produce this program.

This project is among the top games that incorporate community members in the development process. This article will review this third-person MMO and when it will be available for gaming. Every detail is obtained from the official Outer Ring website and its FAQs page.

Current Development Phase of this MMORPG

Since the establishment of the project, the team had made significant progress. From the launch of the underlying utility and reward token $GQ to NFT and other merchandise sales. In the third quarter of 2022, Outer Ring launched several staking pools, loot boxes and an NFT marketplace. This was to ensure that they created a wholesome ecosystem.

To also give players a better understanding of the game, Outer Ring issued a breakdown of the different races.  From Earthlings and Va’ans, to Oracles, Scavengons and Mechs, the team shared deep insights towards each tribe’s history.

For those who are new to this game, players have to join a race before they can start playing. Each one has it specific advantage over the other. Issuing these deep dives will enable users to make informed decisions.

When will the Outer Ring MMORPG be released?

Outer Ring P2E

So, Outer Ring recently launched a tech demo of its MMORPG. This is not the same as an alpha version of blockchain games. This testnet is not hosted on a blockchain.

During the course of this trial, players will not be able to access every aspect of gameplay. They can only engage in battles, complete tasks, purchase land and upgrade their digital assets using mock-up tokens.

As with most games, the alpha or testnet comes before the launch of the beta or full gameplay options. However, the Outer Ring choose to release a Tech Demo instead. Meanwhile, the current roadmap did not state when a complete game will be launched. It only mentions the availability of Medium and Big Lands in the first quarter of 2023.

For the second half of 2023, there will be the release of an official trailer, the launch of eSports testing and the availability of Huge Land. It is not until June 2023 that Outer Ring will offer early access to its pre-alpha.

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