Lunalog Catalog from Axie Infinity Offers a Ton of Lore
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Lunalog Catalog from Axie Infinity Offers a Ton of Lore

Axie Infinity is a digital world full of interesting stories that bring its community together. The Lunalog is a place where these stories are kept, and recently, a new section called the Lunalog Catalog was added to the Lunalog.

This catalog is full of information that makes the Axie Infinity experience even better and fun for its users.

Unveiling the Lunalog Catalog

Since ancient times, nations across the globe have preserved their sacred stories through generations, passing down tales that shape cultural identity.

In Lunacia, the Lunalog serves as the digital embodiment of this storytelling tradition, and it protects the lore that forms the core of the Axie community.

Two weeks ago, Lunalog was added as a home for these cool stories. Today, users get to see the second part of the Lunalog—the Lunalog Catalog.

Unveiling the Lunalog Catalog

More Than Just a Database

The Lunalog Catalog is more than just a list of information. It’s like a chest full of exciting facts about Axie Infinity. You can use it to learn about all types of axies and how many of each type you have.

It also makes it easier to search for axies based on their class, parts, and traits. This is also just the start of many more great things to come.

Accessing the Lunalog Catalog

Using the Lunalog Catalog is quite easy. All you need to do is follow a few easy steps when you visit App.Axie. Simply select Lunalog and then choose the Catalog option. Once you do that, all the new lore is there for you to enjoy!

In the coming days, the X Platform will show each axie class. This will help users learn more about their collection of Mystic and Origins parts. Users can share what they find in the Lunalog Catalog on social media.

Download Backgrounds on Axie Hangout

There’s also a new feature on Axie Hangout, and it’s downloading epic backgrounds from your Axie Hangout. All you need to do is click the camera button on your Axie Hangout.

Summing Up

The Lunalog Catalog is a big step forward in helping users learn more about Axie Infinity. The game platform wants to hear what you think about it, and they want you to explore every part of it. You might even find some hidden surprises along the way! So, get ready for an amazing adventure in the digital world of Axie Infinity.

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