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Axie Infinity Finds Home on Apple’s App Store – Play Now

Sky Mavis, the creator of Axie Infinity, the popular crypto game, has achieved a big milestone by making the game available on Apple’s App Store.

The game got famous during the pandemic for its P2E style. Now, iPhone users can easily download the game from the App Store and join in on the fun!

Limited Release in Select Countries

Firstly, Axie Infinity will be available for download in a few countries in Latin America and Southeast Asia. These include Argentina, Colombia, Peru, Mexico, Venezuela, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam. The company wants to gather key data about how well the game is met and how many people stay on. This will help them make the game better before they release it globally.

Limited Release in Select Countries

Working with Apple for Approval

Sky Mavis has been working closely with Apple for about a year to get the game on the App Store. Apple has strict rules and guidelines, especially when it comes to buying, selling, and trading NFTs. However, the folks at Sky Mavis are hopeful that Apple will change its policies in the future. So, users will be able to make in-app purchases with NFTs and link to other stores.

Apple’s Policies and Challenges

Apple’s rules have made it tough for blockchain apps and games to work on their devices. They often demand a 30% cut from in-app sales. Or they limit how and where people can buy digital assets like NFTs on Apple devices. However, Sky Mavis is not alone in this struggle. Other big players, like Epic Games, the maker of Fortnite, have also raised concerns. In fact, they even took legal action against Apple’s policies.

Axie Infinity’s Hopes for Growth

Having it on the App Store is a huge boost for its growth and user base. Around 70% of the game’s users come from referrals by friends and family. So, being on the App Store means more people can easily discover and join the game. The creators want to see how many new players join their community and enjoy it on iPhones.

Axie Infinity’s Success and Setbacks

The game has been incredibly successful and popular, but it has also faced challenges along the way. The game experienced a setback when it was targeted by hackers who stole a large sum of money. So, this move will help them with the setbacks and bring more people to the platform.

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