Genopets Releases Road To Market of Phase II in its Roadmap
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Genopets Releases Road To Market of Phase II in its Roadmap

Genopets has unveiled Road To Market. This is the final stage of the journey in Phase II of its Roadmap. It is also the final point before the team enters Building Phase III. From then on, the focus will shift from a Whitelist Beta to a Public Beta. This will remove the need for interested participants to obtain an invitation code before participating in gameplay.

With the need for an invite code gone, everyone will be able to access the beta edition of the game. Meanwhile, there are still some modifications in this phase. For example, the team will be adding challenges and achievement features to the gaming system. Furthermore, the development of an in-app marketplace will also be completed.

Details of the Genopets Road To Market

Genopets issued a breakdown of the Road To Market while making the announcement. Part of the update includes Augment Stats that comes in handy in Step and turn-based PVP battles. This feature enables players to intensify the attack, speed, and defensive capacities of their pets. Once this product goes live, people will be able to access detailed information for each augment. This will enable them to plan and strategize for battles precisely.

Expedite and Re-roll is the next set of updates that will be part of the final stage of Phase II. They allow users to speed up the period it takes to complete crafting and reroll crafted items. Genopets understands that it takes significant time to craft new items. In this regard, the team is introducing this opportunity for players to create new digital assets more easily.

Crafting is a luck-based activity, and users cannot always determine what item they will get. However, people can increase their chances of getting the asset that they want through this feature. They will get the right reagents necessary for obtaining the item that they prefer. If users are not satisfied, they can use the Reroll option to recraft the Augment. This equally increases their chances of getting the desired result.

Home V2

Genopets Road To Home V2

A major highlight of the Road To Market developmental update is an improvement of pet homes. Genopets is creating residential areas that are fresher and more appealing visually. As the team works toward upgrading the marketplace, it is only wise that they improve the home screen as well.

There will be significant modifications to the homepage. The aim is to enable people to easily navigate through the page. This will make it easier for new and existing users to locate newly-introduced features to the game.

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