Genopets Status Report #022
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Genopets Releases Status Report #022

Genopets has released the status report edition #022. This summary contains details of the team’s achievements over the last couple of weeks. While making the announcement, they pointed out that the details are not final and are still subject to change.

Details of the Genopets Status Report #022

The first highlight of the Genopets Status Report #022 is the in-app upgrades. Tagged update v.0.5.1, this improved version features significant improvements to different aspects of gameplay. For one, the devs have added two new items to the food and toys inventory section.

A Juggling Ball and Sampuru Rice Ball are now available for use in the Feed and Fetch mini-game. More significantly, these items are infinite and players can use as many as they want to play “catch” with their pets. Speaking of the subgame, there have also been significant improvements to its interface.

Genopets Status Report

Feed and Fetch now feature animated arrows that show the direction where Food and Toys will go when you throw them. Meanwhile, Genopets have slowed down the pace of the Fetch game. This gives users ample time to time their throws. These additions make playing catch more accurate and gamers will not have to try too hard to get things right.

Genopets have added bigger hitboxes and extended green zones. This increases the chances of players successfully feeding their pets. In addition, there are now distinct ring colours in the subgame. With the ring standing out from the background, users will easily know when to throw Food.

Similarly, the ring’s motions have been updated to follow a specific repetitive pattern. As users get accustomed to the sequence, they will become more successful with their throws.

There is now an auto-sort mechanism that arranges your items. Players will notice this feature as they scroll through their inventory. This system also applies to the Feed and Fetch mini-game. Users can throw the same item again without scrolling through their inventory every time.

#MARCHintotheGenoverse—Discord Challenge

Genopets is launching a contest on its Discord server tagged #MARCHintotheGenoverse. Every Friday, the team will unveil the details of that particular challenge. There will be two winners after each episode of this event.

Interested persons should join Discord and follow Genopets on Twitter for details of this challenge. The next edition of this competition will run from the 10th to the 16th of March.

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