Axie Infinity Elevates the Experience: Big Changes to Axie Classic with Phase 2 Tournament and Gold Chests
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Axie Infinity Elevates the Experience: Big Changes in Axie Classic

Axie Infinity, the acclaimed blockchain-based game, has unveiled a significant update for Axie Classic, bringing forth a host of compelling enhancements.

This update introduces several key elements aimed at invigorating gameplay and fostering greater engagement among players.

Central to this update is the commencement of Phase 2 of the Grand Tournament, an eagerly anticipated event slated to kick off at 12 PM VN.

he tournament promises thrilling rewards, including the chance to secure the coveted Mystic Axie #1978, a prized possession up for grabs by standout participants.

Thousands of players compete for top spots in the Grand Tournament, which is split into multiple rounds, leading up to a thrilling final round where the most skilled competitors battle it out for prestigious honors.

Adding a new dimension to gameplay, Axie Infinity now incorporates ‘Gold’

This is a new off-chain resource obtained through victorious Arena matches.

This novel addition introduces Gold Chests, offering players a chance to acquire one of four types: common, rare, epic, or mystic.

Each chest boasts unique attributes, including drop rates and cooldown periods, creating an element of anticipation and surprise for players.

As players collect Gold Chests, they need to skillfully handle their inventory since they can only hold a maximum of four chests at once, and they have to wait for cooldown periods before earning more chests.

Furthermore, Axie Infinity has raised the bar by increasing the daily AXP cap from 2,400 to 4,500 per Axie in Axie Classic.

This boost in the cap incentivizes players to engage more actively across various game modes, as both Arena and Tournament victories now yield 75 AXP per win, while the Cursed Coliseum rewards a hefty 150 AXP per triumph.

In essence, this comprehensive update represents Axie Infinity’s commitment to enriching player experiences.

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