Snake City Purge Saturday Tournament
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Snake City Issues New Guidelines for Purge Saturday Tournament

Snake City has issued new guidelines for its Purge Saturday tournament. This guide includes how to register for this competition. It also features the process for obtaining digital assets and joining battles. The aim is to acclimatize first-time participants with this contest.

Details of Snake City New Guidelines for Purge Saturday Tournament

Earlier in January, Snake City announced that the Purge Saturday Tournament will be held in-app from 00:00 AM UTC to 00:00 PM UTC. To join, users must have the Windows application and purchase tickets from the marketplace. They can obtain as many tickets as possible.

Each ticket grants players access to 15 minutes of game time during the competition. Should the avatar dies within this period, it will be revived after 5 seconds. Meanwhile, there are no limits to the number of tickets that players can use. In fact, the prize pool increases when more contestants purchase tickets.

As at the last competition, Snake City sold each ticket for 1,000 $SNCT. However, the price is temporary and there may be possible chances. Interested contestants should visit the official website for more recent information. Regardless of the current cost, buyers will also get discounts for purchasing more of these digital items.

Each edition will have its leaderboard and reward the top 3 participants. To increase their chances of finishing top, players need to play and earn as many played tickets as possible. Meanwhile, users can improve the abilities of their snakes using Helmets and other magic in-game items. This increases their charges of winning and climbing up the rating.

Below are the prices and benefits of the different helmets:

  • Red helmet (200 $SNCT): Protects you from 1 bomb attack.
  • Yellow Helmet (300 $SNCT): Protects you from 2 bomb attacks.
  • Blue Helmet (400 $SNCT): Protects you from 3 bomb attacks.

How to Join this Tournament

Snake City Purge Saturday Tournament Login

Once it is 00:00 AM UTC on Saturday the 11th of March, follow these steps to register for the Snake City Purge Saturday Tournament:

  • Visit the Snake City official website and download the app.
  • Connect your wallet to create an account.
  • Visit the shop to get in-game boosters and increase your chances of winning.
  • Install the application on your device.
  • Launch the application and log in using the same email address with which you created an account.
  • Navigate to the tournament section and select Purge Saturday.
  • Choose the snake and power-ups you want to use in battle.

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