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Battle Royale Blockchain Games Editor's picks

Metastrike Tournament Goes Live With a Prediction Minigame

After several weeks of anticipation, Metastrike finally launched its long-awaited tournament. This comes after a mini-game that test-ran the concept of what the actual tournament will look like. The shooter game tournament will run from...
Blockchain Games Editor's picks Fantasy

The Red Village Launches New Blood Championship in Collaboration With IQ Protocol

The Red Village is set to release the New Blood Championship. This is arguably the biggest NFT rental contest and will be in collaboration with IQ Protocol. Contestants will be divided into factions, where they...
Avalanche Blockchain Games Editor's picks

Snake City Issues New Guidelines for Purge Saturday Tournament

Snake City has issued new guidelines for its Purge Saturday tournament. This guide includes how to register for this competition. It also features the process for obtaining digital assets and joining battles. The aim is...
Blockchain Games Editor's picks eSports

TonhAxie League With a 2000 $AXS Prize Pool Opens for Registration on February 27th

TonhAxie League has announced that it will open its registration portal to interested players from the 27th of February. Considered one of the biggest Axie Leagues, this sponsored tournament is hosted by Tonhaca. Those who...

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