Metastrike Tournament Goes Live With a Prediction Minigame
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Metastrike Tournament Goes Live With a Prediction Minigame

After several weeks of anticipation, Metastrike finally launched its long-awaited tournament. This comes after a mini-game that test-ran the concept of what the actual tournament will look like. The shooter game tournament will run from the 21st of August till the 28th of October.

The tournament will be broadcast live for members around the world to tune in. Anyone who wants to participate virtually can join in via Facebook and the Official YouTube Channel. The live stream will be hosted by Hazel (an ambassador to the project) and Cathal (the BOD).

Details of the Metastrike Tournament

Unlike regular tournaments, this competition is only between specific web3 gaming guilds and selected teams. These guilds will be sorted into four groups, with each group consisting of 6 different teams. At the group stage, there will be five PVP battles that will see everyone take on each other.

Below are the different guilds in their respective groups:

  • Group A: Ancient 8, GGS master, Mad Labs Guild, Immortal, X8 Guild, and Avocado DAO.
  • Group B: Degend Legends, Gachibass Gaming, Galaxy Forces, USB, GGS Platform, and Procent Guild.
  • Group C: Black Ops, APAC DAO, X8 eSports, GGS LATAM and Xephyrion.
  • Group D: GGS Png4, Crypto Inside, PP Team, Babux Team, Shadow Legacy, and Eternity.

After these five battles, the top 2 participants will progress to the qualifiers. Below is the format this process will take:

  • 1st position in Group A vs. 2nd position in Group C.
  • 2nd position in Group A vs. 1st position in Group C.
  • 1st position in Group B vs. 2nd position in Group D.
  • 2nd position in Group B vs. 1st position in Group D.

The qualifiers will comprise 8 different teams slugging it out for the four semi-final spots. This process will continue till two teams meet in the final and one of them emerges a winner.

Metastrike earlier stated that they are setting aside $50,000 as the prize pool for this tournament. The update also hinted at the use of a leaderboard ranking system. Despite the announcement, the team did not state how the rewards will be distributed to the winners.

Predict and Win Mini-Game

Predict and Win Mini-Game

More so, there are numerous other ways for individuals to participate in this exercise. Those who are not actively gaming can predict the outcomes of results to win various prizes. However, they must send in their predictions some hours before the first games of that day begin. They can use the Google Form link that will be shared on the official Twitter handle.

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