Playmining - Lucky Farmer Game Rewards
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Playmining – Lucky Farmer Game Rewards

Playmining brings a lot of cool rewards for players on Lucky Farmer that can be a major source of growth for many players. There is a lot to win, and the number of winners is also quite big.

So, anyone who wants to try their luck at winning their crypto coins, NFT and many other prices. We highly recommend that you join the Playmining platform right away for the best chances.

Earning Prizes for Playing

Lucky Farmer players can win DEAPcoin crypto rewards from August 21st until September 17th. There are three main ways to get prizes: daily play, NFT tasks, and rankings.

Playmining Offers Daily Play Rewards

When playing with NFT farmland, special DEP medals drop during Fever Time and jackpots. Collecting them earns free DEP crypto. Higher value NFT land gives more DEP per medal. There’s also a mega medal for 40+ combos that’s extra rewarding.

Earning Prizes for Playing

Completing NFT Tasks

Farmland NFTs from Playmining have tasks to complete for DEP prizes. Different rarity NFTs can earn over 1000 to 140000 DEP from their specific tasks. Be aware endurance decreases with use, so it needs occasional recharging with DEP to finish all tasks.

Competing in Rankings

Both regular users and NFT holders can compete in medal and farmer crop rankings. Regular ranking goes up to 2000th place for DEP. NFT holder rankings go up to 1000th for a chance at winning top prizes. The rewards also vary a lot depending on the type of category that you are a part of. Regular ranking has 30 places, and the top one gets 300 DEP and the last one gets 15.5 DEP. Similarly, owner ranking gives the top winner 50,000 DEP and the 30th one 6,000 DEP.

How Reward Distribution Works

All earned DEP is calculated weekly and sent to players’ wallets within a week of rankings closing. The prizes shown in the game won’t instantly appear in wallets daily. Final earnings depend on playtime and performance.

Don’t miss out on chances to win free crypto on the platform during this Lucky Farmer play period. Complete tasks with NFTs and climb both regular and NFT holder rankings to collect the most DEAPcoin rewards!

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