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PlayMining Announces Changes to the Lucky Farmer Booster Items

PlayMining has announced that it will be effecting significantly changes to the Lucky Farmer Booster Items. This comes after a scheduled maintenance that took place on the 30th of January, 2023. While explaining the modifications, the team also gave more details about the in-game power up.

This digital asset is the DEP Medal 100% Booster. When used with a Farmland NFT if similar rarities, it doubles the number of DEAPcoin users can earn during Fever Time. In addition to that, it also increases the JACKPOT winning of those who activate it by 100%. However, it will only work when combined with NFTs of similar rarities.

Meanwhile, the amount of boosters you have determines how much DEAPcoin you will get. Furthermore, this power-up’s durability diminishes every time you use it. It also becomes unavailable when it reaches 0. Nonetheless, you can purchase this item in the in-game shop. Users can own up to 9999 units of Booster. They can also check the details like Rarity and Endurance of this asset before buying it.

Details of the PlayMining Lucky Farmer Booster Items

PlayMining Lucky Farmer Booster Items Changes

Meanwhile, these will be certain changes to how the PlayMining Lucky Farmer Booster Items will work. The most significant is that the system will reduce the endurance value of Farmland NFTs if you use more than a specific number of boosters with the same rarity.

Below is the new mechanism:

  • If you use 50 to 99 DEP Medal 100% boosters, the endurance levels of Farmland NFTs that has the same rarity will reduce to 90%.
  • Should you use 100 to 199 power-ups, Farmland assets with the same rarity will lose their endurance value to 80%.
  • However, the endurance value of your NFTs of the same rarity will not be affected if you use 100% boosters with value of more than 200.
  • As mentioned above, you can always replenish your Medal 100% power-up from the in-game shop.
  • However, users whose accounts have more than 200 boosters must pay a fixed recover fee of 10,230 DEP.
  • Other players outside this category will only pay the equivalent of what is required to refill their Booster.
  • More so, you cannot remove a booster once it is set. Players must wait till it finishes before making a different purchase.

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