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MagicCraft Launches Blazy NFTs After Blockchain Policy Update on Google Play

Google Play’s new policy update allows mobile games to use digital content that runs on the blockchain. MagicCraft is using this chance well and bringing the Blazy NFT Collection on Monday, 17th July.

Read on to find out how MagicCraft plans to use it to improve mobile gaming.

New Policy Update Allows for NFT Integration

Google Play’s new policy update lets mobile games use blockchain for digital content. MagicCraft has always wanted to use NFTs in their games, and this update makes it possible. The Blazy NFT Collection will be a part of the game stores and rewards and changing the mobile gaming experience.

New Policy Update Allows for NFT Integration

MagicCraft Complies with Google Play Guidelines

The platform wants to be open about NFTs and blockchain assets as well. So, they follow Google Play’s guidelines by being clear about the value of in-game purchases. Every asset you get in-game will have a purpose as well. It can be for cosmetics or to be a part of the gaming community. So, players will know what they’re getting.

NFTs Offer Clear Value

The NFTs offer clear value to players. Unlike “loot boxes,” there’s no element of chance. Players will know what they’re getting when they make an in-game purchase. Whether it’s for cosmetic purposes or to be a part of the gaming community, every asset acquired in-game has a defined utility.

NFTs Offer Clear Value for Magic Craft

Plans to Release More NFTs

There is a plan to release all its hero NFTs by the end of 2023. These NFTs will also directly be a part of the games. The team is excited about the potential of this policy update, and they’ve been preparing for this moment. So, they are eager to see how NFTs can improve the gaming experience for you as well.

Summing Up

Seeing the Blazy NFT Collection is a big moment for mobile gaming in general. Google Play’s new policy update allows for digital content from blockchains in mobile games. So, seeing someone like MagicCraft use this update to change our gaming experience is a great step forward. As more NFTs come in, we will get to see what kind of positive image they can offer to the gaming industry.

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