Walken Releases the Rank Criteria Update
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Walken Releases the Rank Criteria Update

Walken has released the Rank Criteria Update. The team has been taking note of feedback from players and using it as the framework for development. Therefore, this recent upgrade will address almost all player concerns. More so, the game is adding Fusion to the Rank Criteria and extending the completion time.

Considering the current state of the bear market, Walken is working towards protecting owners of digital assets from inflation. The team believes that improving the rarity of in-game items will have a positive effect on NFT values. In turn, this will further promote a sustainable ecosystem economy. Nonetheless, there will also be time for players to adjust to the new system.

Details of the Walken Rank Criteria Update

With the introduction of this update, Walken is removing annoying interruptions that occur during the course of gameplay. People normally watch promotional content to obtain various digital items. However, there were complaints about these ads loading in a very sluggish manner. There have been several There will be fewer ads to ensure a more seamless gaming experience. Instead, video ads will load smoothly without any noticeable glitches.

Alongside these upgrades, Walken is releasing a new edition of Walken Blocks. The team is introducing certain modifications in line with the demands of community members. Therefore, they are encouraging users to try out the game and share their opinion.  Interested individuals can visit this website to assess the new edition of Walken Blocks.

Details of the Walken Rank Criteria Update

Meanwhile, work is ongoing to improve the Fusion Mechanics. In subsequent releases, players will be able to obtain a single CAthelete with many uncommon, rare, epic, or legendary genes. This feature will game these avatars more competitive. In addition, it will make them more valuable, and players will be able to get better deals for them from the marketplace.

The Walken Rank Criteria Update will oversee the addition of Fusion to the game. Meanwhile, the team is encouraging players to complete 1 Fusion by the 13 of July. The reason is that this action will ensure that they rank from level 7 and above. To enable people to maintain their rank, the game is extending the period they need to complete a fusion. Depending on their current level, players may get 14, 28, 42, or 56 days to complete a fusion.

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