Walken Runner PVP Milestones: All You Need to Know
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Walken Runner PVP Milestones: All You Need to Know

Walken Runner has announced plans to introduce PVP Milestones. The PVP competition mode has been running for the past two months. Within this period, players have been opportune to engage in fierce battles and enjoy diverse experiences, as it was already a play-to-earn game, this new PVP focus will push it further into the new meta. This new mode has also opened up fantastic opportunities to both supporters and critics.

Following the success of this innovation, Walken is adding a new feature to make the gameplay more exciting. The team is introducing milestones for PVP duels to offer a sense of accomplishment. This addition rewards players for their efforts against other users.

Details of the Walken Runner PVP Milestones

In the regular PVE mode, the game tracks every player’s progress and achievement. This attribute makes gaming more exciting as people can look forward to the next records to attain. One reason for this is that there are prizes when PVE users attain certain critical points. However, this feature is not available in the PVP mode.

Instead, it is just the simple process of beating other players. While this form of gameplay is exciting, it is too basic. Individuals may easily become demotivated, especially if they are ahead of the pack and remain unchallenged. More so, the only reward they usually get is the battle prize.

The Walken Runner PVP Milestones is changing PVP gameplay. Besides introducing critical points, the system is also attributing rewards to those who reach these accomplishments. Players will enjoy the 3 fabulous jars for every milestone that they unlock. There is also the chance to earn a Lootbox.

Unlocking these jars will grant them the following prizes:

  • $GEM
  • $WLKN
  • Mysberries

This feature aims to reward people’s efforts. Therefore, the outcome of the battle does not affect a player’s progress. People will reach milestones by simply engaging in duels. Every tournament season runs for seven days. This means that participants must fill all three jars within this period.

Meanwhile, users cannot carry over energies from a previous milestone into a new one. Instead, they will start afresh on a clean slate.

Walken Ambassador Program

Walken Ambassador Program

The Walken Ambassador Program is still ongoing and will end on the 30th of May. Interested individuals have between now and that date to register. There are two categories for this initiative. The first one is for influencers, while the second is for content creators.

Walken Runner is inviting those who are willing to become part of its community. They will get a custom referral code that they can use to invite 100+ players within a 365-day period. Anyone who meets these criteria will be handsomely rewarded. Visit the Walken website to register.

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