Walken Endless Summer Lootbox Sale is Set for May 19th

Walken Endless Summer Lootbox Sale is Set for May 19th

Walken Endless Summer Lootbox Sale is set to go live. Over the course of three days, players will be opportune to obtain various summer-inspired clothes and clothing accessories NFTs. In addition, there will also be a quest where participants will earn rewards. This announcement comes after the recent update 1.7.7.

Details of the Walken Endless Summer Lootbox Sale

This merchandising event will go live on the 19th of May. It will continue till the 22nd of May when the owners will receive their purchase. The team is setting aside 5000 CAThlete loot boxes and 10,000 item loot boxes. Below is a breakdown of each one

5000 CAThlete loot boxes:

  • 3000 basic: each one will cost 600 $WLKN or 0.75 $SOL
  • 1500 super: each one will cost 1200 $WLKN or 1.5 $SOL
  • 500 premium: each one will cost 2400 $WLKN or 3 $SOL

10000 item loot boxes:

  • 5000 basic: each one will cost 300 $WLKN or 0.3 $SOL
  • 3000 super: each one will cost 500 $WLKN or 0.5 $SOL
  • 2000 premium: each one will cost 1200 $WLKN or 1.2 $SOL

To join the Walken Endless Summer Lootbox Sale, investors must apply for a box. This process is free, and there are no hidden charges. Instead, the system will deduct the cost of the item you get from your account after you receive it.

Meanwhile, every player can apply for 1 CAThlete box and 1 Item box. Each box contains one Level 6 Genesis NFT or a Summer-themed clothing item. It depends on the type that users obtain.  Even better, anyone who applies for this lottery will complete the “Best of Luck” daily quest.

Walken will reward active gamers during this period. The top 100 stalkers will receive every box that they apply for. In addition, the first 500 individuals who have 50,000 $WLKN in their account will also be guaranteed boxes.

Walken Update 1.7.7

Walken Update 1.7.7

Walken has released the update 1.7.7 for both Android and iOS devices. This upgrade features the integration of a USDT wallet to the home screen. However, transfers will only be available on the Solana network. The team believes that this feature will be very beneficial in the upcoming Walken Runner Tournament. In addition, there are also adjustments to the Gene inheritance probability.

Furthermore, the devs have fixed the following errors:

  • Continuous “Bad Luck” errors.
  • Incorrect display of transactions.
  • Removal of statistics screen in the IOS version.

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