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Walken Set to Launch Walken Runner 2.0

The world’s first free-to-play walk-to-play game, Walken, has announced plans to introduce Walken Runner 2.0. According to the game platform, while the first version witnessed significant engagement rates, it is time it built on its success.

In light of this, the game used the valuable field data it acquired over the past month to re-imagine and refined the gameplay mechanics. The game mentioned that over the past months, a lot has changed in the game.

However the core mechanics are the same, which has necessitated the revamp. With the new version, the game will have more dynamic and engaging gameplay that surpasses users’ expectations.

What New Gameplay to Expect from Walken Runner 2.0?

The new version is spiced up with more exciting updates. The new gameplay features new mechanics from the point of starting a run. To begin a run in the new version, players have to tap the center of the main screen.

According to the game platform, users will expend 1 energy from their 5-energy pool, and 1-energy refill every 30 minutes. Users can also speed things up to refill energy using Mysberries. It further revealed that the CAThlete, a Walken Runner edition runs automatically with no speed options.


It is worth mentioning that users cannot play with their CAThletes yet, until much later. Also, users can collect crystals by moving right or left across the track while dodging collisions with objects simultaneously and passing the games.

There are two types of games to watch out for – Green and Red. You have to pass through the green games to build your stats and going through the red ones will make you lose your stat points. Additionally, when you hit obstacles, your crystal score reduces. 

More on the Rewards of the Walken Runner 2.0

Users can exchange tickets for a chest with GEM, $WLKN, Mysberries, and crystals rewards. The chests have three variants – Basic, Silver, and Golden. These are randomly dropped in exchange for users’ tickets. On the main screen, there are four slots for chests, and gamers can have a maximum of four unopened chests per time.

When it is time to open the chest, simply tap on it and collect your reward in WLKN, Crystals, GEM, or Mysberries. Note that your rewards go to your Walken wallet. According to Walken, the team is excited about the upcoming release as it sets to re-imagine Walken Runner. It further mentioned that it will release more details as the launch date gets closer.

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