CUBE Launches Platform and Waller
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CUBE Launches Platform and Wallet

CUBE is happy to announce the launch of its platform as it takes its first steps into the virtual world. It is a medium that will incorporate the true values of the metaverse by connecting various services and contents. With this announcement, this blockchain firm becomes the first ever to offer entertain-to-earn services.

Alongside its platform, CUBE will be launching its official wallet. With these new introductions, users will be able to enjoy a better virtual experience. More so, there will be AAA games from renowned studios, media, webtoons, drama and web novels in this metaverse. Even better, players will be able to enjoy these services without having to change platforms or wallets.

What to Expect from the CUBE Platform and Wallet

At the moment, the CUBE platform and wallet offer three main features. These mediums bring blockchain entertainment to users’ fingertips. They include

  • A platform for launching and playing high-quality play-to-earn games.
  • An official marketplace where users can trade tokens and/or NFTs. This wallet is connected to both the metaverse and real life.
  • A metaverse where users can enjoy a wider range of entertainment content.

However, CUBE is not stopping here. Furthermore, it has significant plans to expand opportunities and experiences that players can enjoy. Here are some things to expect from them in the near future:

  • The introduction of more blockchain and non-blockchain games of the highest quality.
  • Entertainment beyond the use of gaming. Soon enough, players will be able to watch movies or read a web novel while gaming.
  • The incorporation of NFTs that have virtual and real-life utility. Soon enough, it will be introducing a Market, Gallery and Mall. The first will be a platform where users can trade assets between themselves. On the second medium, they will be able to acquire NFTs via auction. While the third is for the purchase of real-world items, using the underlying utility token.

CUBE Market, Gallery and Mall

Although it started with GameFi, this gaming outfit wants to expand way beyond that. CUBE wants to become a global go-to metaverse for anyone looking for genuine entertainment. As such, it is building an ecosystem that offers a comprehensive and limitless user experience.

The launch of its virtual platform and in-house wallet is a significant step towards achieving this goal. With the launch of both, players can enjoy everything in the metaverse in one place and with one wallet. Visit the official CUBE  website and become one of the first to enjoy this experience while enjoying rewards.

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