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Menya Dragon Ramen Announces March Rewards

The blockchain-based game, Menya Dragon Ramen, has announced details of its March Rewards for the Ramen Battle Arena. According to the game platform, it currently offers two options for DEP rewards, which are Work and RBA. However, the current DEP rewards system features more rewards for RBA accounts.

To improve the discrepancies, the game will switch to its initial goal of allowing customers to earn crypto by running a Ramen Store. Therefore, the game mentioned it is revising the RBA and Work specifications from April 1, 2023, to ensure its users consistently earn DEP that is commensurate with their investment monthly.

It further elaborated that it will revise and implement the specifications carefully to avoid a possible loss to users. Additionally, the game platform will evaluate the specifications and implement revisions according to the established policy.

Highlights of the March Reward Design Policy

The game platform is set to publish the roadmap of the future specification of Menya Dragon Ramen by March 1, 2023. It will introduce players to the DEP earning adjustment to RBA and Work in the roadmap.

The game reiterated that the Ramen Battle Arena rewards are in commemoration of players’ patronage. Therefore, it is increasing the March rewards and has partially regulated the Total Ramen Sale Score. It has also boosted the DEAP Rewards to a high point section.

Menya Dragon Ramen

Highlights of Total Ramen Sales Score Reset

Menya Dragon Ramen stated that the DEAP rewards for February will end on March 1 at 2:59 UTC+8. Following this, it will replace with the new March DEAP rewards and reset the Total Ramen Sales Score gotten in February.

The highlight of the DEAP rewards for the March 2023 Total Ramen Sales Score can be found on the official medium page.

Highlights of the Ramen Battle Arena 3rd Contests Terms

The game platform has said that it will notify players about the detailed rules, adjustments, and the Ramen Battle Arena 3rd Contest date. It also mentioned that the Battle Arena shall continue to offer two reward types – Ranking Reward and Tier Reward.

There are different terms and conditions for getting the two rewards. However, players can get both when they play the Ramen Battle Arena.

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