CryptoBlades Burn Feature Launches on Chinese New Year
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CrytoBlades Launches Character Burn to Increase NFTs Value

To celebrate the Chinese new year, CryptoBlades is introducing the character burn and features. Through these changes, the game is introducing a deflationary effect. This effect will enable characters to earn more. Announcement of this update was made via the CryptoBlades Medium Page. Here are the details of these new features.

Details of the Character Burn Feature

CryptoBlades released these new features on the 1st of February 2022. The game used it to commemorate the Chinese New Year. Alongside this, Cryptoblades also issued a YouTube tutorial on “How to Burn”. The burn button is located on the right side of the CryptoBlades Plaza page. In this section, you will see the option to either burn or upgrade characters. To initiate a burn, select the character and click on the top right. More importantly, ensure that the slider is in the top left.

During burning, you receive 1 soul for every 10 base power the character has. For example, you are burning a level 41 character that has a 7000 power. After the burn, you will receive 700 souls which you can use to upgrade another in-game character. You can also burn directly into a character, instead of into souls. To do this, use the tab on the right side of the page. Change the options from “Burn into Souls” to “Burn into character”.

Just like the character burning feature, CryptoBladers can also upgrade their in-game characters. To do this, visit the CryptoBlades Plaza page and click on the Burn/Upgrade button. In this page, select the character that you want to upgrade. After selecting the game character, you can also select the extent to which you want to upgrade it.

However, you will need souls to complete an upgrade. It is therefore important to note that the amount of souls you have determine the level to which you can upgrade. If you have 700 souls, you can only upgrade to the level that those 700 souls can carry. To get more souls, you can burn a character as stated above.

Importance of These Features

CryptoBlades Reward System

One thing that makes digital assets valuable is their scarcity. By introducing the burning feature, BryptoBlades is ensuring the scarcity of NFTs. The burning formula also makes souls scarce. It also increases the reward system of CryptoBlades game. Players will now be able to earn more rewards, thanks to the ability to upgrade their in-game assets.

The results are already positive. Some players are already reporting a 400% increase in their rewards. In this regard, CryptoBlades is urging more players to utilize this game-changing feature.

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