Decentraland Issues Comprehensive 2022 Manifesto
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Decentraland Issues the Decentraland 2022 Manifesto

With the year still fresh, Decentraland is not wasting still wasting time. It is already informing the game’s users of its plans for the new year. This is in the form of the Decentraland 2022 Manifesto. This announcement was made via the Decentraland Blog. Here are the details of this news.

Details of the Decentraland 2022 Manifesto

In this manifesto, Decentraland outlines its achievements in the year 2021. The game also assures players that there will be no “rug pull”. Thanks to the decentralization of this platform, it does not depend on the existence of Decentraland’s Foundation. The platform will continue operation, even when the Foundation is no longer around.

The reason this platform will continue is due to the nature of its storage. Decentraland stores ownership and governance data on the Ethereum blockchain. As such, no one can hack the data base to take away your virtual assets.

Further Game Development

As part of this announcement, there will soon be more ways to play the game. A new desktop client for Windows, Linux and Mac OSs are in the works. Each of these prospective builds include a “launcher”. This is a feature that auto updates the builds and enhances their performance.

There are also plans for android users. A mobile app is in its early prototype stages. Once it is ready, players will be able to connect with friends from their fingertips. Research on how to incorporate VR into the Decentraland protocol is ongoing. The game is considering a Beta VR experiment.

Further in-game developments will be coming to this virtual world. There is plans to decentralize and improve the private chat system. The focus will be on giving users more control over the system. It includes avatars, friends, guilds, or teams. Decentraland is also working towards improving the moderation of its community. These improvements will lower the frictions between decisions in the DAO and their effects.

Digital Assets, Contents and Activities

Decentraland Wearables

Soon enough, players will be able show off their NFTs as wearables. They can now sport their CryptoPunk or Bored Ape as the head of the head of their avatar. The game will add a process in the DAO to allow you use the NFTs you link as wearables in Decentraland. In addition, Decentraland’s NFT emotes will bring new moves to your assets. Therefore, there will be shortcuts to make these emotes more accessible.

Part of projects in the launchpad is an incubation program. This program will onboard more curators to the Decentraland community. The first edition will launch in March 2022

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