Nakamoto Games Brawler Master Tournament Set for May 19th
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Nakamoto Games Brawler Master Tournament Set for May 19th

Nakamoto Games is set to launch the Brawler Master Tournament on Friday the 19th of May. This competition is an opportunity for players to enjoy fast and scintillating action-filled gameplay. More so, it is specially designed for owners of NAKAPUNK NFTs to enjoy a new level of gaming.

Nakamoto Games released the NAKAPUNK NFT collection earlier in July 2022. Lucky individuals were able to get from the limited amount of 10,000 units. While announcing the presale, the team outlined that there will be several benefits of holding these digital assets. One of the incentives is that owners of these items will become members of the Satoshi gaming club.

By February 2023, Nakamoto launched the Arcade Emporium NFT. This innovation enables people to obtain and set up their own virtual arcade gaming system. In return, they will receive a commission for every user who plays in their arcade. The first edition went live on the 2nd of March and anyone that is interested will have to purchase an Arcade Emporium NFT to join.

Details of the Nakamoto Games Brawler Master Tournament

Details of the Nakamoto Games Brawler Master Tournament

Nakamototo Games Brawler Master Tournament draws inspiration from the Arcade Emporium. The major difference is that users will not have to purchase Arcade Emporium NFTs. Instead, only holders of NAKAPUNK NFTs will be eligible for this event. In addition, it will be a contest, instead of the regular gameplay.

This competition will begin by 8:00 PM Thailand time on Friday the 19th of May. It will continue over the weekend and end on Monday the 22nd of May. Within this period, there will be 8 arcade rooms and players who register can join any of these arcade rooms. Interested participants will only be able to join a room after they register.

Meanwhile, individuals should join the tournament via a computer to enable them to gain access to arcade rooms. More importantly, players should use the same NFT address containing their NAKAPUNKS when filling out the form.

This is a crucial step and can determine a user’s eligibility for this competition. If your digital asset is located in a separate wallet, ensure to initiate and complete a transfer before the registration.

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