Phantom Galaxies Beta — 'Cohort 1: Friends of Zorran' Sets Off on an Epic Journey!
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Phantom Galaxies Beta — ‘Cohort 1: Friends of Zorran’ Sets Off on an Epic Journey!

The wait is over, and the super cool Phantom Galaxies Beta is finally here! In this phase, called the ‘Friends of Zorran,’ the first group of players can now jump into this awesome world and start their unforgettable adventures.

Are you ready for some serious fun with NFTs?

Enhanced Gameplay and New Features Await Cohort 1

You’re in for a real treat as you get to relive Ensign’s earliest Alpha adventures with a lot of great upgrades and updates. One of the best changes is the makeover of all Starfighter classes. Brace yourself for an intense rush as you see new abilities and powerful Ultimates that will take your gameplay to the next level.

Now, you can also connect and hang out with your fellow Rangers on the Halberd-001. Plus, with the new emote wheel, you can express yourself, make friends, and share epic moments with your fellow gamers. It’s time to create an amazing sense of friendship and shared experiences!

Enhanced Gameplay and New Features Await Cohort 1

Introducing the Heat System: Starfighter Piloting in Phantom Galaxies

The Beta also brings something super cool: the Heat system. Here’s the deal: every action you take charges up the Heat level, and that comes with a risk of overheating and other issues. However, skilled players who find the sweet spot can unleash the power of an Ultimate boost. It is an incredible fantasy of being a Starfighter pilot, pushing your limits, and weighing the dangers of overheating.

Unique Avatars: Unleash Your Personalized Ranger Adventure

One of the most exciting features of the Beta is random player Avatars with awesome art styles. It means that each and every player can now embark on a Ranger adventure that is completely unique. Create your own special character and go on a journey that reflects who you are and how you like to play. It’s time to stand out and show off your style!

Invaluable Player Feedback for the Future of Phantom Galaxies

Your feedback during this Beta stage is super important. You, as elite players of Cohort 1, have a big role to play in shaping the future. By actively participating in the Beta and sharing your feedback, you have a chance to affect the game’s development and make your voice heard. So, let’s join forces and make this game the best it can be!

Accessing the Beta: A Step-by-Step Guide

To access the Beta phase and go on your journey, follow these simple steps. First, make sure you have a wallet with the ‘Zorran’s Favour’ NFT. Then, visit the download page and connect your wallet to the website. Generate and copy your unique beta access code, and then download the Launcher (Windows) from the download page. Once installed, click on ‘Play Phantom Galaxies’ and enter your access code. That is all you need to do.

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