GENSO×Climbers Collaboration Expands the Open GENSO Metaverse
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GENSO×Climbers Collaboration Expands the Open GENSO Metaverse

Are you ready to take the first step into the exciting world of the open GENSO Metaverse? The company is going to open the GENSO Metaverse to third parties.

It all starts with a groundbreaking partnership with the “Climbers” project from Platinum Egg Inc. This collaboration will pave the way for the integration of the GENSO Metaverse with the “Climbers” game. So, this will lead to an immersive and interconnected experience like never before.

GENSO Metaverse Welcomes Third-Party Expansion

Firstly, the vision for the GENSO Metaverse is to make a dynamic and inclusive world that goes beyond their efforts. With the GENSO Maker, third parties from around the globe can build upon the Metaverse. So they can have endless possibilities for integration with other projects. Also, by holding LAND in the GENSO Metaverse, creative minds can shape and develop systems within the virtual realm.

Unleashing the Power of GENSO LAND

Secondly, the heart of the Metaverse lies in the vast expanse of GENSO LAND. It is here that magic happens, and innovation meets creatives. As a result, this collab will turn GENSO into a central hub and there will be a diverse range of projects and companies that join forces and fuel its growth.

Unleashing the Power of GENSO LAND

Introducing the First Partner: GENSO×Climbers

Thirdly, Climbers is a blockchain game with a fun online battle where up to 100 players compete to conquer stages. The collab will bring the world of Climbers into the Metaverse. Moreover, players can explore and interact with stages that will be created on GENSO LAND.

A Symbiotic Relationship: GENSO and Climbers

In this deal, there is a new system that makes “Climbers” stages by using objects on the LAND built on GENSO Metaverse. This will let the two worlds connect easily and lead to a unique and fun gaming experience. As an incentive for GENSO LAND owners, if a stage on their LAND is used as a “Climbers” stage, they will get tokens as a usage fee.

Excitement from the Partners

Mr. Nariya Takemura, the Decentralized Executive Officer of Platinum Egg Inc., is excited about the partnership. So, he says this is a chance to bring more users to the greatness of the Climbers project.

Maxi, CEO of GensoKishi Online, shared his hopes as well. He says that the deal with the Climbers project will add more people to the fun at GENSO LAND.

So, this deal is just the first step towards the future and will make metaverse a part of our lives.

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